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‘Best time in 50 years to apply for a job’ as vacancies hit record high

10 January 2022

Story by
Alex Crowther, Senior Reporter, The HR World

Job Search

UK job hunters are being advised now is the best time to look for work as record vacancies are being advertised.

Recruitment firm Reed say today is called ‘Massive Monday’ in the trade due to high numbers of people looking for jobs, or seeking to switch careers.

Chairman James Reed said there is usually a ‘huge increase’ in job applications on the first working Monday of the year.

According to the latest figures from the office for national statistics, the number of job vacancies continued to rise to a new record high of 1,219,000.

Reed Chairman, James Reed, said:

Our data indicates that it’s currently the best time in 50 years to apply for a job, with consistent record levels of job roles available in the market.

“This means that employers no longer hold most of the cards when it comes to hiring and job seekers can call the shots in terms of wage, flexibility and type of role.”

While no business likes to lose employees, Kate Palmer, HR advice and consultancy director at Peninsula, said now is the perfect time to bring in fresh talent, develop the skills of your existing workforce and grow in the year ahead as a happier, more productive team.

She said:

We often see an increase in the number of resignations in January, as people take time over the holiday period to reassess.

“Businesses must proactively assess the general themes and trends for motivation and satisfaction within their workforce which directly appeal to people to stay.

“Conducting stay interviews can help identify what encourages and discourages employees, and employers can then implement effective changes.

“An equivalent number of employees who are thinking of resigning are also focused on upskilling and retraining during 2022.

“Effective employers should leverage this surge in demand to their advantage and provide opportunities for employees to enhance existing skills and/or learn new ones.

“Doing so will not only lead to a well-rounded skilled workforce, but also contribute towards long-term retention, increased productivity, and higher satisfaction levels.”



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