Sarah Rice

Sarah Rice

Diversity and inclusion

World Refugee Day: Why Companies Need to Act Now

In the UK, there are currently more job vacancies than people looking for work and there is a skills shortage present many industries. Businesses should therefore recognise the value that refugees can bring to the workforce. 
Hannah Awonuga, Global Head of Colleague Engagement, keynote speaker Culture Clash
Diversity and inclusion

“We must stop treading the same old path when engaging with emerging talent”

“In a world of such vast diversity of experience, cultures, skills and talents, it would be commercially negligent of us to ignore the transformational potential of meaningful social mobility” – Hannah Awonuga, keynote speaker at Culture Clash
More than half companies do not have zero tolerance to discrimination
Workplace culture

UK employers fail to apply zero tolerance approach to discrimination

More than half (56%) of UK employers do not have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination within the workplace, according to a new study.
Speeding up processes won’t solve the emerging talent crisis – but reinventing them will
Talent acquisition

Speeding up processes won’t solve the emerging talent crisis – but reinventing them will

“Heritage and larger organisations must adapt to a new commercial landscape. Of course, they will always be attractive to potential recruits. But they can no longer rely on big salary and high status to attract talent.” – Ross Crook, Managing Director, Sanderson Solutions
Workplace culture

In defence of the young: Employers must recruit for tomorrow – not just today

"It’s time for fresh, engaged thinking that capitalises on the crisis around talent to drive innovation. Only then will we really start to lay the bedrock for an employment landscape that our brightest and best young talent will want to meaningfully connect with." - Rob Taffinder, assistant director of the University of Bristol's Careers Service
Inclusion is not only about ethnicity or gender
Diversity and inclusion

How social diversity can pay dividends for your D&I strategy

Social diversity is rising up the agenda everywhere and will shape the engagement and inclusion of our people and businesses. Here, Bola Gibson, head of inclusion and CSR at Osborne Clarke, argues it needs all our attention.
David Mason Humans of HR
Leadership development

“You cannot create change for the future without respecting the past”

In this edition we caught up with David Mason, Head of Global TA Delivery at Philip Morris International who believes you cannot create change for the future without respecting the past.
Business woman
Professional development

The ‘great incorporation’ is here – record number of businesses set up in 2021

New research has revealed a record number of Brits launched their own business in 2021 with more than 810,000 new companies being incorporated.
Pretending we can be 'happy' all the time is not good for mental health.
Health and wellbeing

Pretending we can be ‘happy’ all the time is not good for mental health

Kate Flowerdew reviews four simple pillars to help strategic thinking when crafting a wellbeing strategy that works, for you, for the team and for the business overall.
Lisa Haggar
Leadership development

“I’m outspoken. I’m Marmite and I’m okay with that.”

In this edition we caught up with HRD Lisa Haggar who believes the handbook needs to be thrown out in order to put people back at the heart of HR.
Job Train
Maru Inplacement

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