Alex Crowther

Alex Crowther

Pay and benefits

One in five (19%) Brits have started a ‘side hustle’ since March 2020

One in five (19%) adults in the UK have started a ‘side hustle’ since March 2020 and, almost one in six (16%) claim to earn upwards of £1,000 a month from their new venture, according to new research.
Pay and benefits

UK ranks third most attractive place to work in Europe

The UK is the third most attractive place to work in Europe, according to new research.
HR strategy

Culture Clash set for London event following success of Bristol debate

Culture Clash, The HR World’s first in-person panel debate around engaging and recruiting emerging talent took place to a sold-out Bristol audience – with a second date in London now set for early October.

Over two-thirds of UK founders were motivated to launch their business after working in jobs they hated

Over two-thirds (68 per cent) of UK business owners were motivated to start their business after working in jobs they hated.
The Great Resignation
Talent acquisition

85% of UK businesses feel the pinch of the great resignation

Just 15% of UK businesses say that the ‘great resignation’ had not affected them, with those affected expressing the impact on employee wellbeing, burnout, and workload.
Health and wellbeing

A third of employers do not offer early parenthood support

Nearly two thirds (63%) of employers say they offer early parenthood support, according to new research leaving those employers who don’t, extremely vulnerable to losing staff to other more family-friendly organisations at the point their staff become parents.
Health and wellbeing

1 in 3 employees aren’t comfortable discussing issues at work

Over a third of the nation’s employees don’t feel comfortable opening up about their mental health issues and concerns to anyone at work, a new survey shows.
HR strategy

Almost 74% feel unsupported by their employer as wages fail to keep pace with cost of living

The majority of UK professionals (89%) either remain in the dark over their pay, or they’ve already been told that there will be no pay increase at all in 2022.
Health and wellbeing

Almost 70% of employees are stressed in the workplace

A recent survey has revealed that the majority of people in full-time employment are experiencing high levels of burnout due to work-related stress and pressures.
Women on the bus heading into the office
Pay and benefits

Over two-thirds of UK workers would consider returning to the office if employers covered the commute

New research shows that 68% of British office workers said they would be likely to consider working from the office full-time again if their commute was fully paid for
Job Train
Maru Inplacement

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