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Almost 70% of employees are stressed in the workplace

04 May 2022

Story by
Alex Crowther, Senior Reporter, The HR World


A recent survey has revealed that the majority of people in full-time employment are experiencing high levels of burnout due to work-related stress and pressures.

With 72% of UK workers currently in full-time employment, stats provided by customer service provider alldayPA have shown that 68% of them are stressed and overwhelmed in the workplace.

Over a quarter of respondents (29%) attributed the cause of their stress to feeling overwhelmed with mounting workloads, while slightly less (27%) said their work-life balance was stressful.

17% of employees also reported struggling with their working hours when trying to achieve stability between their work and personal lives.

Accountancy, banking and finance have also been revealed as the most stressful sectors to work in.

High work-related stress levels were most commonly reported in London, where 9% of respondents reported being always stressed, 28% stressed most of the time and 42% some of the time.

Just 4% reported never feeling stressed, 15% rarely, while 1% preferred not to comment. (These numbers have been rounded up to the nearest decimal).

In the struggle to navigate the rising cost of living, 30% of workers now have a side hustle alongside their day job – which experts warn is causing worryingly high levels of burnout and anxiety.

Founder and CEO of alldayPA, Reuben Singh, said: “At alldayPA we have handed the rota management back to the staff allowing them to work flexible hours to suit them.

“We have increased staff’s pay by up to 14%, with shorter and split shifts to accommodate their lives outside of work.

“Since we have given them autonomy we have seen both an increase in not only their level of happiness but also their sense of involvement.

“As a 24hr business, open 7 days a week, we can enable our staff to choose their times of work and as a result, all shifts are always covered as the staff themselves appreciate and understand more of each other’s requirements and accommodate each other”.



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